How to make an industrial steel coating

An industrial coating can be used to coat steel in a variety of ways.In this case, the coating is made of a type of material called industrial polymers.These types of materials can be made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polystyrene (PS), or polypropylene (PP).Industrial polymers can be added to coatings to make them more durable.If the […]

Uganda steel industry seeks US loan to expand production

Uganda’s steel industry has appealed to the U.S. for an additional $1 billion in loans to expand its production.U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said in a statement that the Ugandan steel industry had requested a loan of $1.2 billion to expand steel production at the Nairobi Steelworks and another $500 million for new capacity.Guterre’s statement did […]

Steel Industry 1800s: Steel was a major player in the global steel industry, and the first to be brought to the West

by The Register of Australia title The Steel Industry in Australia, 1800s to the Present article by Matt Rourke article by Alastair Friesen article by Mark Tapper article by Mike Hinchcliffe article by Scott Morrison article by Rob Walker article by Paul Keating article by Tony Jones article by Peter Rennie article by Nick Kaldas […]

Steel industry industry hits record in the US with $13.2bn in revenue

The steel industry in the United States posted $13,082.9 billion in revenue last year, according to a report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.The sector posted a revenue of $7,094.5 billion, the bank said. “The steel industry is a key contributor to the U.S. economy and its economy is expected to continue to grow […]

Which industries will grow the most in 2020?

In 2020, the steel industry will see more growth than the energy sector, according to a new forecast released Tuesday.A total of 2,743,000 jobs are forecast to be created in the steel and iron industries, compared with a total of 1,890,000 in 2020, according the U.S. Department of Commerce.But the energy industry is projected to […]

When the steel industry will go to bed: How we can help you survive the coming recession

When steel prices hit a record high of $2.15 a pound last year, the industry faced an existential crisis.There were no easy solutions to this problem, not least because steel was one of the few things the government could afford to bail out the global economy, the country’s premier, Shinzo Abe, told reporters at the […]

A steel industry regulatory review will come with its own costs

The federal government has issued new rules to protect workers from dangerous air pollution.But a new report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) says that under current regulations, workers who suffer from lung cancer can’t rely on those protections to make ends meet.The new regulations could put workers’ lives at risk, […]

Albawadi steel industry publishes second annual report

Steel industry publications and government departments are warning of the economic risks associated with the “unprecedented” surge in domestic steel production.Albawsi Steel Industry (ASI) publishes a second annual steel industry report this week.Its aim is to provide a snapshot of the industry’s finances and future prospects.ASI says it has been hit hard by a surge […]

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