How to build your own steels for the next industrial revolution

STEEL COMPANY CHECKLIST 1.Pre-mix your own steel to ensure quality and durability.2.Preheat the steel to the proper temperature before use.3.Add steel additives to your mix to enhance its toughness.4.Seal the mix to prevent moisture from seeping into the steel.5.Use a metal grinder to mix your steels, leaving a smooth finish.6.Use heaters and a heat gun […]

How the U.S. steel industry is struggling to adjust to Trump

LONDON — The U.K. steel and coal industries are struggling to cope with a Trump administration that has put the future of their industries in jeopardy.Trump has threatened to impose tariffs on the steel industry, and he has threatened a steep increase in tariffs on American steel imports.The U,K.economy relies on imports to meet a […]

How to stop the spread of ‘battleground’ state borders

California’s legislature has passed a bill that will allow a state-by-state election to be held to determine who is eligible to vote in its congressional district.A measure passed in the state’s Senate last week would give voters the option to choose from four candidates to represent the state at the U.S. Congress.California, which has a […]

How to avoid dangerous industrial steel fencing

The World Health Organization has warned that an epidemic of dangerous industrial, military and nuclear steel fencing could soon be sweeping the world.The WHO warned that a global health emergency could emerge if more people are exposed to the chemicals.A report released Thursday by the agency found that up to 40% of the world’s population […]

How to tell if you’re getting hit with steel industry term “subprime”

The phrase “subpremium” is being used to describe the price premium for steel used in steel production.It is being pushed by steel industry lobbyists to explain the higher costs associated with the production of high-volume steel.The term “premium”, which has been used by the industry to describe their prices, has become an industry rallying cry […]

Steel industry in economic slump, economy is booming, Trump is on a roll

The economy is in a slump, and President Donald Trump is off to a strong start in the first week of his administration, according to the latest figures from the Federal Reserve.The Fed has said that it is unlikely that the U.S. economy will grow by nearly 2% in 2017.But it has forecast growth of […]

Steel companies, investors face new risks as Israel’s war with Hamas intensifies

Steel companies in Israel, including major ones in the largest city of Tel Aviv, are being warned that the war with the Palestinian militant group Hamas is intensifying and that the risks to their business are growing.Steel giants ADK and Iglo have said they will not finance new projects in Gaza, a decision that could […]

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