Dubai to begin production of new oil tankers

Doha — Dubai’s industrial steel industries are set to start producing oil tanker containers that can carry up to 1 million metric tons of crude oil in 2022, according to an oil industry source familiar with the plans.

The plan would help Dubai diversify its energy mix while also boosting the economy and creating jobs, said the source, who asked not to be identified because he is not authorized to speak publicly about the plans publicly.

Dubay’s Industrial Steel Industry is one of the largest in the world.

Its fleet of oil tank cars is estimated to have a capacity of 1 million tons of oil, according the source.

Dubai is the world’s largest oil producer and the world capital of crude-by-rail transportation.

It is home to the world-famous Abu Dhabi International Airport, home to most of the world`s major airlines.

Dubay has been one of a growing number of countries where crude oil tank car production has been proposed.

In addition to the Dubai plan, several other nations have also been working on new tank car designs.

In July, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the United Arab Emirates unveiled plans to start oil tank-car production in the country.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have also planned to develop their own oil-tank car fleets, and Dubai has long been a hub for oil tank production in both countries.

At the end of September, Qatar announced that it had launched its own oil tank company, Emirates Tank Car Co., which will be based in Dubai.

Dubail, Dubai’s second-largest city, has been a major hub for the development of oil- and gas-byrail transportation in the past.

In 2013, Dubai announced that a proposed oil tank facility would be built in the UAE’s capital, a plan that was followed up with the construction of a terminal at Al Udeid International Airport in 2015.

The Al U deid International Terminal project was one of several major oil tank project in the United Kingdom, with the first one being announced in 2013.

After the announcement of the first facility in 2013, a second one was announced in 2015 and a third one was proposed in 2021.

Dubaila’s plan has been welcomed by Dubai Mayor Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who said in a statement that the new project would help the city diversify the economy.

“I want Dubai to be the hub for investment and development in the oil industry in the Middle East, and we will build a new oil-oil infrastructure,” he said.

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