How to set up a Ponzi Scheme for a few thousand dollars

A Ponzis scheme called the Steel Industry Ltd.

is being run by a group of investors who are willing to pay thousands of dollars to invest in the scheme.

The investors are selling shares in Steel Ltd and a small portion of the company is going to be used to buy shares in a competing company.

The new Steel Lts shares are not listed on the Nasdaq, so it’s not clear who the company really is.

But they’re being listed on CoinMarketCap, which is a website where investors can buy and sell the stock.

The Steel Ltc share price is currently trading at about $9.25 per share.

The investor in question has set up the company as a P2P exchange, which allows anyone to invest a portion of their assets in a P 2P stock exchange.

The company is also listed on a cryptocurrency exchange called BitStamp.

The company has also put up an image on its website that says, “A Ponziology investment is a riskless investment, which we are proud to offer.

We do not charge any fees, and we do not share your personal information.”

The investors who own shares in the company will be paid in “Coins,” which will be used for marketing and promotional purposes.

The owners of Steel Lt. are selling the shares to investors on an exchange that’s not listed in the U.S. So the investors will need to be in the United States to buy the shares.

But the investors are in the process of selling the company to someone who wants to buy it.

The investors are trying to raise $500,000 to buy their shares in order to invest their own money into the company.

If they raise more money, they will be able to pay out more shares to the investors.

It’s unclear who the investors actually are, but the company has set the investors up to look suspiciously like people who have invested in a similar Ponziasm scheme in the past.

But in the meantime, investors who want to invest some of their own cash into Steel Lmt.

can do so through a BitStamps platform, which lets anyone buy shares.

According to the company’s website, the Steel Lyt.

company is seeking a market capitalization of $15.4 million to $22.8 million.

If investors make a profit, the investors can then buy shares for a fraction of their original investment.

The exchange has also set up an ICO to raise capital for Steel Llt.

Investors can buy shares at about 30 cents per coin, which should be a good value for Steel.

The Steel Ltg.

website also lists a link to a YouTube video that the company posted in December.

In the video, a man in his 40s says he’s a “long-term believer in Steel.”

The man said that he’s been a member of the Steel community for about 30 years and that he is the owner of a small business that supplies steel to other businesses.

The man then says that Steel Lgt.

is looking to “sell” its shares.

The man says that he wants to sell the shares and that the investment he’s making is going into the development of a product that he says is “very exciting.”

He also says that there are “many investors” in Steel.

In addition to Steel Lnt.

shares, the man is also buying “copper coins” for the investment.

The video was posted on December 19.

It was removed from the website after a couple of days.

It wasn’t clear who posted the video or how long it had been live.

But some investors have jumped on the Steel ltd.

Ponzism bandwagon, which has popped up in other countries.

A man named Daniel Kornblut was recently charged with conspiracy to commit securities fraud and securities fraud in the Philippines.

The Philippines Attorney General has been trying to crack down on Ponzias.

Kornbucher, a member the Philippine Investment Authority, has also been trying his hand at Ponzia schemes in Europe.

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