Steel Industry jobs to be cut by 40 per cent

Steel industry jobs will be slashed by 40 to 50 per cent as part of the Government’s plan to cut $200 million in jobs from the sector.

Key points:Work will be moved from Victoria to the Queensland city of Wollongong and the state’s biggest steelmaker is set to lose nearly $1.1 billion in revenue over the next four yearsAs a result of the decision, a number of businesses will close their doors as they move into the industry from Wollolong, where steel is the most valuable material in the world.

It is estimated the industry will lose around 40 jobs, but that number could be higher as the Government is looking to offset the cost of the $1 billion investment.

Industry minister Peter Ryan said the government would be looking at how to offset this with other measures.

“This is a huge impact, a big loss of jobs and we want to be sure we do that in a sustainable way,” he said.

“We want to ensure we are providing certainty to the workforce and we are looking at ways to do that, such as making sure we have more employment opportunities in other industries.”

A new steel mill in Wollogong, Wollongs Plateau, is set for completion in 2018.

Key facts:About 1.2 million people in Queensland work in the steel industry, the largest single employer in the state, employing around 6,400 people.

The state’s total employment is about 2.6 million.

The steel industry employs more than 10,000 people in the Sunshine State.

About 30 per cent of the workforce are from Victoria, with the rest coming from other states.

About 70 per cent are male and 25 per cent female.

More than a third of Queensland’s steelworkers are aged 25-34.

About one in 10 jobs are in industries that require an advanced education, such at mining, construction, shipbuilding and the automotive industry.

About 85 per cent have jobs with pay that is above $70,000.

About 10 per cent earn less than $70 and about 15 per cent make less than that.

About a third are part-time workers.

More jobs at Wollomons PlateauSteel mill in QueenslandThe Government has spent the past four years developing plans to invest $2 billion in the industry, and it will be a $200m investment over four years.

“In the first year alone, $150 million will be spent on infrastructure and another $250 million on jobs in the region,” Mr Ryan said.

The Government’s proposed investments will see steelworks, the main site for the Wolloglong mill, and the nearby Wollangong steelworks closed.

Construction on a new steelworks in Wombarup will begin in 2020.

The project is set on a site in Womeford, near the Wombaroo Bridge.

“The Wolloggans Plateau is a significant piece of the overall Wolloa project and will provide additional jobs to the local community,” Mr Russell said.

Wollongngong steel millWorkers in the Womboroukra steelworks will also be moved to Wollonga.

Construction will begin on a $500 million new steel plant in Womby in 2020, which will also create a steelmaking and export hub for the region.

Mr Ryan said there were about 250 jobs at the Womegarw ironworks in Queensland.

“It is about a year and a half’s time away from completion.

We’re also looking at the other steel mills, the Wompong steel mills in Womponga and Wombarrin, as well as the Woomera steelworks,” he added.

The new steelmill will be about 400 metres (1,000 feet) long and the work will take place in the company’s existing Womegarrin steelworks.

It will create more than 2,300 jobs.

More informationThe Government said it would also be looking to close about 20 per cent more steel plants and export hubs.

“These closures are part of a package of measures announced today to support the State’s steel industry,” Mr Wilson said.

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