China’s steel industry is suffering from massive production costs

The world’s largest steel maker has lost billions of dollars because of its costly manufacturing processes, raising the specter of a global glut.

Giant Chinese steel mills are now producing a smaller volume of steel, forcing the Chinese government to cut production.

The steel industry accounts for about 5% of China’s gross domestic product.

Greece, which has also been hit by a massive steel shortage, has been using cheaper and more environmentally friendly processes.

But it is facing growing production challenges.

The European Union is also planning to cut steel imports and is looking to reduce its reliance on Chinese steelmakers.

The Chinese government says it has cut the size of steelmaking units, and that it has been increasing the use of renewable energy, but its output has slowed and now stands at just 5.5 million tons.

The European Union has been looking to cut imports of steel by 40%.

Greeks exports to China have fallen sharply this year.

It has not exported much to China in the past, but the country is looking for alternatives, and this year’s surge in demand for raw materials has made imports more expensive.

The Greek steelmakers Giappa and Vepis have been exporting steel to China for more than a decade, but this year they are worried about the economic slowdown in China.

Giappa chief executive Vytas Tsilimos said the company has been in discussions with the Chinese steel industry about alternative production methods and how to improve the quality of the products.

“The government needs to be more active in supporting the industry, and to do so we need to make sure we are doing things in a more timely manner,” he said.

China has a big steel industry and is a big market for steel products.

The world has seen a surge in steel imports from China this year and the number of steel mills has grown by a fifth since the end of 2014.

But the Chinese economy has suffered in recent years due to slowing growth, a falling currency, and a slump in the price of steel.

The government has been trying to boost demand for steel with an ambitious plan to spend $7.5 billion on new plants by 2020.

Ginappa has invested a lot in new facilities to produce steel, and the company expects to be ready for its first production capacity in 2018.

The company has also seen a dramatic drop in production costs.

It says it now produces less than 3 million tons of steel per year, down from around 7 million tons in the late 1990s.

“We are in the middle of the biggest production decline in the history of the company, and it is also the biggest reduction in production capacity since the start of the industry,” Tsilipas said.

The government said in a statement on Wednesday that the government will soon introduce a new law to boost steel output in the country.

The United States has been a strong advocate of using Chinese steel to help meet growing demand for American goods.

The industry accounts.s exports to the United States fell to $1.6 billion in 2016, down more than 10% from a year earlier, according to the Commerce Department.

But China’s demand for U.S. steel has been on a steep rise in recent months.

In April, the U.N. body said China was now the second-largest buyer of American steel after the United Kingdom, with shipments of more than $7 billion.

China has said it will only buy U.K. steel if it can get an exemption from the U-turning process that allows imports of U.s. steel into the country, which the U of S has said is a threat to U. exports.

U.S.-made steel is also an important part of China-made products, including machinery, chemicals, machinery parts, appliances, and even furniture.

China is increasingly using U.W.S., Japanese and European technology to produce high-tech products in China and overseas.

Giovanni Di Giuseppe, vice president of business development at the International Steel Association, said that the Chinese market has been very supportive of U-Turning.

“We have seen a huge increase in the number and quality of steel products produced in China,” he told Reuters.

Di Giuseppi said the rise in U.w.S.’s imports of Chinese steel has come from China’s growing need to sell to a global market.

“They are seeing that they can sell products to the world at a lower cost,” he added.

Giorgio Brescia, a former chief executive of the Italian steel company CEM, said the growing number of imports has created a massive demand for the product in the United Sates and abroad.

“It has to be done in a way that will be sustainable and competitive,” he explained.

“China can play a very important role in that process.”

But it is not all bad news for the United States steel industry.The U. S

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