How to get the best steel in India: India steel mills are not big enough to make the steel you need, says the Tata Steel Institute

A couple of weeks ago, Tata Steel India, India’s largest steel producer, posted a note to its investors saying it had invested $3.4 billion in the steel industry and was planning to invest more.The note also announced that it would soon hire 1,000 new employees, with a target of 1 million employees in three years.Now, […]

‘I think they are just nuts’: The science behind steel industry meltdown

Posted November 03, 2018 09:36:06 As we head into another round of uncertainty, there are many questions left unanswered about the future of steel manufacturing.Key points: There are questions around how much steel will be produced in Australia, and how fast, given the ongoing carbon emissions crisis In a report published last year, the Australian […]

China’s steel industry is suffering from massive production costs

The world’s largest steel maker has lost billions of dollars because of its costly manufacturing processes, raising the specter of a global glut.Giant Chinese steel mills are now producing a smaller volume of steel, forcing the Chinese government to cut production.The steel industry accounts for about 5% of China’s gross domestic product.Greece, which has also […]

How to buy the latest iPhones and iPads without a smartphone card

By now, everyone is familiar with the Apple Watch.Apple released it back in August and it’s sold well so far.And while it’s not a new product, it’s one of the hottest.But there’s a catch: the Watch doesn’t actually have a smartphone on board.You need a smartphone.Apple says that you need a iPhone, but it’s still […]

How to find out what’s in a steel furnace

U.S. steel producers have a problem: They’re not getting enough steel.According to a new report by the National Association of Manufacturers, there’s an industry in the U.K. that is growing rapidly in volume, but not in quality.It’s a problem for American steel makers, which are trying to find new sources of steel for new products, […]

Which team should have made the World Cup of Hockey this summer?

The 2014 World Cup, which was the second-biggest in sports history and was the only time the country was home to an Olympic hockey team, has been overshadowed by the ongoing unrest in Brazil, which has led to widespread protests and unrest in the rest of the country.The World Cup is usually a time of […]

Coal-fired power stations are the biggest polluters of the environment

The biggest polluter of the planet is coal-fired electricity generation, according to a new report released by the World Resources Institute.The report, titled Coal: The Biggest Polluter of Planet Earth, found that in 2010, coal plants emitted 3.9 billion tons of CO2 equivalent per year, or 6 percent of the world’s total CO2 emissions.By comparison, […]

How to store your steels in your wallet and your wallet is getting a digital upgrade

Steels are used in many products like steels for car parts and steels used in high-end cars and the steels that go into the new Tesla Model 3.There is also the potential for a new generation of high-tech steels, called lithium-ion (Li-ion) and nickel-metal hydride (NiMH).Steels made of niMH, NiCd and NiCg have been used […]

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