Steel industry in economic slump, economy is booming, Trump is on a roll

The economy is in a slump, and President Donald Trump is off to a strong start in the first week of his administration, according to the latest figures from the Federal Reserve.

The Fed has said that it is unlikely that the U.S. economy will grow by nearly 2% in 2017.

But it has forecast growth of 1.8% and a near-record 3.5% unemployment rate in 2018, which is well below its target of 4.5%.

That has left some economists worried that the economy is on the brink of a full-blown recession.

Here are the key economic stories to watch.


Steel industry is in economic slumps Steel companies are struggling, and the manufacturing sector is hurting, as the industry struggles to recover from a severe downturn in demand and productivity during the recession.

In fact, steel employment fell by 1.4 million jobs last year, the lowest level since the Great Depression.

A new report released Tuesday by the U,S.

Steel Institute and the National Federation of Independent Businesses found that the industry is now suffering from a structural and structural decline.

The report said that the unemployment rate for the industry has reached 10.7%, the highest since the 1980s.

The steel industry’s decline also includes job losses in its manufacturing base, which accounts for over half of the total U.s. manufacturing workforce.

“These are industries that depend on their workers to be able to get jobs and provide a living wage,” said NIFA President Matt Henson.

“This is why steel has a huge, gaping hole in its economy.”


Trump is a top performer President Donald J. Trump, first elected in November, is already the highest-earning U. S. president since World War II, according a report from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

Trump has been an economic success story, winning the presidency despite the recession that followed the 2008 financial crisis.

Trump’s economic plan includes tax cuts and massive infrastructure spending, which the White House is promising to begin in the next few weeks.

The president has also promised to cut regulations, which he has already done, and has promised to eliminate the Dodd-Frank financial regulations.


The U.K. is the biggest trading partner of the U “The U.KS is the most important trading partner for the U,” said Matt Wood, director of the Economic and Political Weekly at the University of Maryland.

“I think they’re really going to be a major player.”

Wood pointed out that U.k. exports of steel are worth around $400 billion, with the US. importing about $100 billion a year.

The UK imports around $10 billion a day, with exports accounting for about one-fifth of U.ks. trade deficit with the US. 4.

Trump was ‘unpredictable’ The economy was in decline in the 1980’s and the U was in the midst of a major recession, Wood said.

“The economy went down in a big way, and it was a very unpredictable year,” Wood said, adding that it was an unprecedented year for the economy.

“What you’re going to see is you’re seeing a real change in the way the economy operates.”


Trump may be in a race for first lady Melania Trump Donald Trump, wife of the president, has been the biggest draw for foreign visitors in Washington, D.C., as well as for visitors from Europe, Asia and Australia.

A number of foreign leaders have shown interest in her as a potential first lady.


Trump won’t be attending the White Senate meeting with Senate Democrats and Republicans.

The Senate is in recess for the Christmas holiday and will not hold its final votes on the budget, tax and debt bills until December.

The White House said that President Donald T. Trump will not be attending that session.


Trump didn’t say where he’s going to save $1.5 trillion.

He said that he would save $600 billion in his first year in office.

He would then “renegotiate” the agreement that he made with congressional Republicans in May on the debt ceiling, according To The Washington Post.

The agreement has been on hold since October, when the Senate voted to raise the debt limit by $1 trillion in order to get the government back on track.

The deal was to be renewed in mid-November, but Trump’s aides said that would not happen, and that it would be postponed until December, when a new deal was reached.

The next month, the White Houses announced that they were canceling the plan.


Trump said he was not concerned about global trade.

“You’re talking about millions of jobs, millions of Americans,” he said, according the New York Times.

“And what you’re talking a lot about is our country going to rebuild.”


Trump did not specify what he’d do to

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