How to tell if you’re getting hit with steel industry term “subprime”

The phrase “subpremium” is being used to describe the price premium for steel used in steel production.

It is being pushed by steel industry lobbyists to explain the higher costs associated with the production of high-volume steel.

The term “premium”, which has been used by the industry to describe their prices, has become an industry rallying cry in recent months.

The price premium refers to the cost of production, not the final steel that is delivered to customers.

The term was first used in 2013, when the cost for a 2,100-barrel steel pipe that could be used to make pipes for the electric grid was quoted at $10 per barrel, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

The industry is trying to make the word “premount” stick, as it is often used in the industry.

In an attempt to distinguish the steel industry from the auto industry, the White House and the U:S.

Steel Alliance recently released a statement urging consumers to check their credit card statements for information about “premise” charges and “premised” charges.

The statement, obtained by Reuters, said: “The term ‘premium’ refers to a price that a consumer pays for the same product or service that would be priced at an identical price if it were sold at the same time.”

It added that consumers should “consider whether or not the product is being advertised as being ‘premised’ for the purpose of determining the true price.”

The statement went on to say that the term is used to indicate that the price is an industry term that is “unambiguously, easily understood and accurately reflected in the consumer’s credit card statement.”

In the case of steel, it is used because the industry refers to it as a “premired” charge.

That is, the industry believes that the cost to sell the product at an equivalent price is not being paid because the steel used to build it is a “sub-prime” material.

In addition, the statement added, the term refers to “the price that an individual may pay for a product or a service at a higher rate than the average consumer might pay for the product or the service at the comparable price.”

The statement also said that the word is used in marketing by the steel and aluminum industry, which includes a $10 premium on steel and $1.50 on aluminum, as well as the automotive industry.

“The term is a marketing term, not a price,” it said.

The White House statement comes as the industry is facing increased scrutiny for its use of the word in marketing.

A new study from the U of T’s School of Business and Economics shows that the U;S.

steel industry has an estimated $20 billion in annual revenue.

The study said that while the industry was not able to answer all of the questions about how it defines “premier” and “subpriced” to describe prices, it did have a few examples.

The steel industry uses the term “prime” to indicate the higher cost of steel used by a production facility.

This means that the final product sold at a lower price is usually higher in quality than the final finished product.

It is also a term used by steel companies to indicate how much they charge for materials.

The U;s Steel Alliance says that the industry “is not required to include these premium pricing terms in its materials and services contracts, which have a long history of delivering a fair price.”

“The U.s.

Steel Association continues to use this term to describe a price of steel,” the statement said.

There are also “subpriorities” that the steel producers can sell steel at for “subpar” or “substandard” quality.

The association has called for a number of industry standards and policies to be improved to ensure consumers are getting a fair deal.

The industry has said that it has a range of “fairness and affordability” and has been lobbying to lower “price” and the “premises” of the products sold.

“Our steel is not made in the U.; it is made in China and many of the steel is made under substandard conditions,” the industry statement said on its website.

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