How to Find a New Job in the U.S. Steel Industry

The U.N. says it’s investigating whether Russia’s takeover of a U.K. steel mill and subsequent takeover of the world’s largest steel producer will violate U.s. sanctions against Moscow.

The U,S.

has imposed sanctions against Russia in retaliation for the seizure of the Ukranian steel mill, which Russia has blamed on the U., according to the Associated Press.

In a joint statement with the U, the U and U.A.E., the UN. said it’s “reviewing” the report, which was published Monday in The Lancet.

“We have expressed our concerns about the alleged interference in the Ukrainian steel market and the potential for further interference in international supply chains, and we expect the investigation to be comprehensive and transparent,” the U nations statement said.

“The United States of America has always supported Ukraine’s independence and sovereignty, and it is vital that the U S. and the United Kingdom uphold these principles as they work to restore stability and security to Ukraine and to protect Ukraine’s national interests.”

The U’s statement also called on “all parties to fully cooperate and coordinate efforts to address this matter.”

In addition to Russia, the report also cited Ukraine and Belarus as potential recipients of funds for the purchase.

The Ukraine-based company said in a statement to the AP that it “does not believe that the sanctions imposed by the U.”


are a pretext for interference.

“Our employees have been subjected to an unprecedented amount of pressure from the U U. S. in the past year and are now in a state of uncertainty about their future,” the statement said, adding that the company is “evaluating all options” for its employees.

The Ukranians statement did not offer details on how the takeover could affect their steel production.

The countrys economy shrank for the first time in nearly a decade in the first half of the year, falling 0.7 percent from a year earlier, and steel prices jumped, reaching $2.27/tonne, according to data from Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

The AP’s Greg Kot reports.

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