‘Baghdad, Iraq, and the United States, October 2017’

A few days ago, I was sitting in a car in Baghdad, waiting for a taxi.

As I pulled into the parking lot of a grocery store, I noticed a man in a green hoodie and white jacket standing on the curb.

I thought he was from some other city.

But he looked like I had known him for years.

It turned out he was a former Iraqi intelligence agent.

The man asked, “Where are you from?”

I told him I was from the United Kingdom.

I asked why I should trust a British intelligence officer who was no longer in his uniform.

The Iraqi replied that he had lived in Iraq for 30 years.

He told me to go back to Iraq, because it was the “backbone of my people’s security.”

“You are a spy,” I said.

The other man then turned to me and said, “You should go to your country.”

After we had exchanged pleasantries, the man asked me why I was there.

“I want to talk to you about the Americans,” he said.

He said that I was a spy, and that I would be better off with the Americans than the Russians.

“Are you a spy?”

I asked.

The former agent replied, “Yes.”

I asked if I should inform the British authorities.

He replied that I should talk to them about the British intelligence service, MI5.

After we finished talking, I asked him what the British government had done to him.

“You need to be honest with them,” the former agent said.

“If I don’t talk to the British, they will never listen to me.”

The former intelligence agent told me that the British are a “bigger threat to our people’s future than they have ever been.”

He said the British have spent “millions” of dollars to destabilize the Iraqi government, and they are still “running the show.”

The man continued: “If you are a Brit, you will be killed for your country.

You will be shot for being an American spy.”

The Iraqi responded that he would be “better off dead than dead for being a spy.”

“I can’t wait until the Brits come to the United Nations to discuss my fate,” he concluded.

“There is nothing I can do to stop them.

I want to go to the U.N. to protest my case.”

I told the former intelligence officer that I wanted to go see the U,N.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who has been fighting the war in Iraq since 2009.

He then told me I could go to Ban Ki’un, who is an Arab, and ask him about his investigation into the British spying allegations.

I told Ban Ki­moon that I want the U.,N.

“to investigate this matter,” I added.

He was incredulous.

“This is not your issue,” he responded.

“How could you not have a look at it?

We have the same intelligence agencies as you.”

I explained that I had done my job.

“The United States is the enemy.” “

The British are the real enemy,” I replied.

“The United States is the enemy.”

I then asked him why he would not look into the matter of MI5, and if he would let the British spy on him.

I said I wanted Ban Kiun to know that he was the one who “kept us safe.”

“That’s your problem,” the Iraqi responded.

The next day, I spoke to the former Iraqi, who said he had been working for the U .

N. since 2005, and he had always been an honest and trustworthy person.

But the British had a bigger problem.

“We will always be the enemies,” the man said.

In his opinion, the British and their allies were “killing our people.”

“They are poisoning our country, poisoning our water and our soil, poisoning everything.”

In response to the allegations, the former Iraq intelligence agent called the allegations “the biggest lie in history.”

The British and the U.


“What do they have to hide?” “

Why did the British not arrest these British spies?” he asked.

“What do they have to hide?”

The former Iraqi agent replied that the UK government did not want to be “a spy” in Iraq, so they wanted to have “security” over the country.

“They want to protect their security.

We are trying to protect the security of the Iraqi people,” the ex-agent said.

I continued to talk with the former MI5 agent about his experience in Iraq.

The ex-intelligence agent told us that the Iraqi Intelligence Service had been able to conduct “big operations” against the British in Iraq by infiltrating them into local government.

“But when you are an Iraqi intelligence service you have to have a certain degree of freedom,” the agent said, referring to the MI5 officers.

“Even the British agents in Iraq are not allowed to attack the Iraqi army, because

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