How did we get here? The story of the steel industry

By Joe MaloneyUpdated October 05, 2018 14:45:17How did we reach the point where Australia’s steel industry is a global force and the largest in the world?

The answer is quite simple, and it has to do with the massive expansion of the global steel industry over the past decade.

It all started in 2002, when the Australian Government established a carbon price, and the country’s major steel companies agreed to take part in it.

In 2003, the government imposed a cap on carbon emissions from steel plants, and introduced a scheme to help pay for it.

At the time, steel plants in Australia were producing around 5 per cent of Australia’s total steel capacity, with some producing as much as 70 per cent.

It was an ambitious target, but it worked.

Since then, Australia’s economy has grown by more than 50 per cent annually, and more than half of that growth came from new plants.

This is due to a combination of a stronger economy and the creation of new factories.

Since the introduction of the carbon price in 2013, the Australian economy has been growing by around 6 per cent a year.

By 2020, the country had produced about 9.3 billion tonnes of steel.

That’s about 1.8 million tonnes a day.

That’s a lot of steel!

To put that in context, the world’s steel production was about 13 million tonnes.

The world’s population of more than 9.5 billion is about 4.3 times the size of Australia.

As steel has grown, so has demand for its products, and this demand has meant that demand has also grown in other parts of the world.

In Asia, the demand for steel has been particularly strong, with Chinese steel imports up by 30 per cent in just three years.

In Europe, demand for iron and steel has increased by 40 per cent since the introduction in 2018 of the European Union’s carbon price.

In the United States, demand is growing by 40 to 50 per

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