In a nod to the growing popularity of carbon-neutral vehicles, a new company is launching a carbon-negative fuel cell car in India.

The company, KAB Steel Industries, has already announced that its new vehicle, the Kab Steel Vehicle, will be the first carbon-free vehicle on the Indian market.

This marks the first vehicle to be carbon-positive in India, but the company will not be the only one.

The KAB team is also working on a carbon vehicle called the KAB Carbon Carbon, which will compete with other carbon vehicles in India’s upcoming COVID-19 pandemic.

The Kab Carbon is slated to be launched in 2019.

The vehicles will use a carbon fuel cell, which is a combination of hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

The hydrogen fuel cell uses a mixture of hydrogen fuel and a catalytic converter, while the carbon fuel uses a gas-powered engine and an internal combustion engine.

The fuel cell can convert up to 150 kilowatt hours of electricity into a usable power of up to 5,000 watts.

A car that runs on hydrogen is expected to be economical in terms of fuel consumption and emissions, although its fuel cell will also reduce the number of carbon emissions by a significant amount.

The cars will be sold under the brand name KAB Electric Vehicle.

“KAB Electric vehicle will be designed to be as eco-friendly as possible, and is being developed in collaboration with leading automotive and environmental experts,” KAB said in a statement.

“This new electric vehicle will compete at the top of the EV market and provide an affordable solution for the growing EV market.”

The Kabbelt is designed to compete against other electric vehicles that are designed to use hydrogen as the fuel source.

KAB has also partnered with a number of automakers and manufacturers, including Nissan, Ford, Volvo, Toyota, Hyundai, and BMW, to build the vehicle.

The Carbon Carbon will also be built in partnership with a few other automakers and car manufacturers.

“The new Kab Carbon vehicle will also complement our existing range of electric vehicles,” Kabbel said.

“We are developing a range of products and vehicles that can be made to meet the needs of the electric vehicle market.”

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