How Australia’s aluminium industry has changed in the past 50 years

The steel industry is changing.

In the late 1980s, the world was still reeling from the Great Collapse.

The boom had been so strong that the industry was even able to recover in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Then, the global downturn hit hard.

The industry was left with only two industries to survive: the aluminium industry and steel industry.

That meant it was forced to focus on one of them, and that meant the aluminium market was flooded with new, high-quality products.

As a result, the industry’s fortunes began to spin out of control, and the aluminium and steel industries started to suffer from their own excesses.

As the aluminium economy crumbled in the mid-2000s, it also left a hole in Australia’s economy, as aluminium prices fell and steel prices rose.

It has been this situation for the last few years.

And it is now the case that Australia’s steel industry has seen a similar collapse.

The aluminium industry is in much worse shape.

According to research by the University of New South Wales, the country’s aluminium output has dropped by almost 30% since the 1990 and by about 35% since 2007.

This has hit steel industries hardest.

While the aluminium production has recovered, the steel industry hasn’t.

This is because the metal has become so cheap that steel mills simply cannot compete.

The research shows that aluminium has fallen by about 30% in value over the last 30 years.

The reason is simple: because of the way steel works.

When aluminium is extracted from the ground, it undergoes a process called metallisation.

It’s a chemical reaction that takes place in the form of a reaction between metal and oxygen, and this oxygen gives the aluminium a colour.

If you remove the oxygen, it turns to a shiny, metallic state, and then the aluminium turns into the metal it was made from.

But, since aluminium is made up of carbon atoms, the metal doesn’t have any carbon to give it its colour.

So, the process of metallising aluminium is very difficult, and it’s also incredibly expensive.

The result is that aluminium is a relatively scarce metal.

As aluminium prices have dropped, the demand for aluminium has dropped too, making it more expensive to produce and to make.

But the industry is also facing a problem: it has a finite supply of raw material.

The problem is that Australia has a limited supply of aluminium ore, and so the aluminium needs to be extracted from other countries for its production.

So it has to be transported.

That means that it requires a lot of steel for its construction and for its manufacturing.

The cost of steel also goes up as the industry tries to compete against the cheaper aluminium from China.

The Australian industry is now facing the same problems as the rest of the world.

But it’s not just the aluminium.

The steel and aluminium industries are in a similar situation.

The global steel industry peaked in the early 1990s, and has since declined by nearly half, and steel production in Australia is at its lowest level in 50 years.

In recent years, the Australian steel industry’s decline has been driven by a number of factors.

One of these is the rise in demand for steel from Asia.

China, India and Japan are all growing increasingly important markets for steel.

In 2014, the Chinese government announced a $15 billion investment in Australia, the first major steel investment in the country in almost 50 years, and in 2017, the United States announced a similar $35 billion investment.

So the rise of the Chinese market is driving the decline of the Australian industry.

The other factor is the global steel boom.

This boom has been fueled by the Chinese economy, which is one of the largest in the world, and by the global supply chains that China is constructing around the world with its steel companies.

This means that, for now, Australia’s production of steel is more than adequate to meet its needs, but the demand will likely pick up as more and more countries start to invest in the Australian industries.

And the demand is not limited to steel: the Australian aluminium industry also faces a shortage of aluminium, as the metal is increasingly becoming more expensive.

Australian aluminium is currently the cheapest aluminium in the industry.

However, the aluminium price is now at its highest level in 30 years, due to the way the metal works.

The process of metal-extraction involves extracting metal from the rock that is underneath it, and, in this process, the metals are separated from each other.

This process produces a metal that is more easily extracted, but that also contains a lot more carbon.

As more aluminium is being extracted, the carbon content also increases, and therefore the cost of aluminium is also rising.

So what is the solution?

One solution that has been proposed by the Australian Government is to use aluminium as a substitute for steel in building materials.

The Government’s new proposal is to replace steel with aluminium. This would

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