Which steel industry consultants do I need to know about?

FourFour2, one of the most popular social media platforms for steel industry content, is offering its readers a range of free articles on the industry’s consultants, some of whom have previously worked with the UK’s biggest steelmakers.

The list of steel industry contributors includes senior staff, senior business managers, senior analysts and senior financial planners.

It also includes “specialists in investment banking and investment strategy, as well as senior executives and directors”.

It is a list which includes one of Britain’s largest steel companies, Scottish-based Ferran Ferret, which recently commissioned a £10.5m investment fund with the help of Goldman Sachs.

The investment fund is the latest investment in a £15m fund which the company hopes to raise from investors through a new £2bn IPO later this year.

The firm has already invested £5.5bn in the UK steel industry.

“In a market that is still growing at a much slower pace than other industries, we believe it is important that we provide our readers with the best information about the sector and our consultants, so they can make informed investment decisions,” said a spokesman for FourFourtwo.

“These are the best-known industry experts and they will provide you with the information you need to make the right investment decisions.”

We will also provide our members with free articles from the likes of McKinsey, KPMG, and others.””

It is an important part of our job to provide information about key industries to our members and this is why we are always seeking new industry experts to join our team,” he added.”

There is no shortage of great companies and individuals who want to be part of the investment banking team.

“The list also includes the UK-based consultancy of US-based investment firm KPM Gert, which has invested in steel firms including Alcoa, Anglo American, General Motors, and United Steelworkers.

A spokesman for KPM declined to comment.

The website’s ‘free’ content offers a wide range of information, from industry analysis and investment advice to steel industry reports and industry news.

The articles are available on a range on topics including:• Why are British steel companies struggling?• Why is steel production at its lowest level in 40 years?• What do the latest government forecasts tell us about the industry?• How do steel workers compare with those in other industries?• The latest trends in the industry

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