A new metal-rich, carbon-neutral steel industry: CQ Steel

Posted May 09, 2019 11:27:59 This is the first time that the industry has gone to market in the United States, and the company hopes that it can tap into a growing demand for steel for its vehicles, appliances, and even buildings.

CQSteel is an alliance of major manufacturers, which together make up about 50% of the global steel market.

The alliance has already established relationships with automakers such as Ford and Toyota and has also partnered with the likes of General Motors, Hyundai, and Ford, among others.

But CQ is taking a broader approach to the market, with a focus on carbon-free products, as well as the production of steel products that are more durable and are lighter.

“We’re really looking for a carbon-negative approach, and carbon-positive products,” said Jim Ochs, CEO of CQ.

“The more you can do that, the better the product will be.”

Ochse is also working to expand CQ’s existing supply chain, with the goal of eventually producing carbon-reducing products in the U.S. for domestic and international customers.

“I think that we’ve seen a lot of the growth and interest from manufacturers in that area, so I think that that’s one of the things we’re really excited about,” Ochsen said.

CqSteel already manufactures carbon-dioxide-absorbing products for a wide variety of applications, including in automotive, marine, and industrial applications.

“For our industrial applications, we’re able to use that carbon dioxide to form the materials for our carbon-fiber composite,” Oichs said.

“There are some processes that are very, very carbon-intensive, so we have to use a lot more of that carbon.

We have to make our steel composites in a process that’s very, really, very environmentally friendly.”

CQ has been building a network of partnerships with other industries and is hoping to see more of them come online in the future.

“That’s one area where we’re definitely seeing a lot,” Ouchs said, “but there are also some areas where we have the ability to expand.

For example, we have partnerships with the automotive industry to build carbon-friendly products.”

The alliance also has its sights set on using carbon-sensing sensors to determine the proper amount of carbon for the production process, as CQ says it can be used to improve the quality of steel and its durability.

“A lot of manufacturers are starting to use this technology, and we want to take advantage of that,” Oochs said of Cq Steel’s efforts to develop its carbon-scoping technology.

“So we are looking to take that technology and apply it to some of our carbon fiber composite products.”

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