How the ‘Gangnam Style’ song ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Over’ changed the world

After years of being overshadowed by other hip-hop songs, Gangnam Style is finally making its way to mainstream radio.

It’s a new era for the popular songwriter whose first two albums, 2007’s Gangnam and 2012’s Gangsta, are currently on radio airplay.

And it’s also a milestone for the rapper, who has not released an album in almost two decades.

The songs have been making waves ever since their 2010 release.

They hit number one on the Billboard 200 chart and peaked at number six on the Hot 100.

Then, after a brief hiatus in 2015, Gangsta became a national anthem and was rechristened as a hip-hopper song.

In 2017, the song reached the top 10 on the Pop Songs chart, the top ten on the R&B charts and the Billboard Hot 100, as well as the Billboard Rock Songs chart.

The song was even picked up by the Oscars, and in 2018, the Los Angeles Times named the song one of the 50 Greatest Rap Songs of All Time.

The song was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

But it was overshadowed by the music of other artists.

One of the more memorable songs in Gangnam was by Eminem.

The “Power” singer, who was named one of Time Magazine’s 50 Greatest People in 2018 and is known for his infectious rhymes, has also been known to play the game of Gangnam style.

In the song, which he released in 2010, he says, “I want a big ass house, a big house, bigger house, and I’m not gonna make a lot of money, but I want you to know I made a lot.

I’m making a lot and you’re getting it.”

While the new song may not be the hottest new song on the radio, it’s certainly the most popular, according to Nielsen Music.

“Gangsta” has been playing on radio stations across the country and in bars, restaurants, restaurants and even in bars in Los Angeles, New York and Seattle, according an analysis by Billboard.

The success of “Gangra” has not come without controversy.

It was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone and it was featured in a song about the gangsta rapper Tupac Shakur.

And many people who had never heard of the song are still not comfortable with it.

Some say the song is too vulgar, while others say the lyrics are too melodramatic.

“Gag,” an alternative rap song by New York rapper The Roots, was also heavily criticized.

The controversy over the song came up again in July, when the song was featured as the background music in the film “Ghostbusters.”

“Ghostbusters” star Leslie Jones, who plays a teenage character in the movie, told the Los Alamos New Times, “Gong is not a song that I would want to be on the soundtrack of the movie.”

Jones said that she didn’t want to do the film because of the “vulgar” lyrics, but added, “We are living in a time when it’s okay to be vulgar.

But we don’t have to.

I want to show people how to make the music.”

The “Gangs” singer added, “[The movie] is a metaphor for gang culture.

It speaks to the problem of being too vulgar.

We live in a society where we have to be able to talk about certain topics and it’s not okay to say something like that.

And that’s what I want people to hear.

The fact that I was singing it as the music is what made it funny.”

Despite the controversy, the success of the new Gangnam song is undeniable.

It has been on the charts for three weeks now and the song has been picked up for radio play and is the top song in both the U.S. and the U and D.

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