How to sell an aluminium alloy to India: The most straightforward way

This article will help you get started selling an aluminium, steel, or other composite product in India.


Choose your supplier.

If you are buying the product from a supplier, you need to make sure it’s in stock, available, and at the best price possible.

It’s best to use a reputable wholesaler to ensure you get the best deal.


Make sure it fits.

Your supplier must also make sure the product fits well in the packaging, the label, and in the enclosure.

Make your supplier familiar with the dimensions of the product and the weight, so they know how to properly package the product.


Choose a price.

It’s a good idea to get the product priced below its wholesale price.

The cheapest aluminium alloy prices range from $0.35 to $0,75.

If the price is too low, you may end up paying more than you should.


Choose the right type of product.

Aluminium alloy, which is used in high-tech devices, is a good choice for most products.

Aluminum is generally cheaper than steel and is generally used in aerospace and military aircraft.

Steel is a more durable material and more expensive than aluminium.

Aluminum alloy also has a higher melting point and therefore, can be used in welding.

However, aluminum can corrode and crack, so you may want to choose steel instead.


Make the product easy to handle.

Make sure you use proper safety equipment and that your product doesn’t come loose or fall apart during handling.

Make it easy for the product to bend and twist, so it’s easy to use.

Aluminum products tend to be heavier and therefore require a longer shelf life.

Aluminum also has an odor and is a flammable metal.

Make a sure the packaging and packaging materials are sealed well.


Make all of your orders.

Before you can start shipping, you must make sure all of the products have been shipped.

This includes your aluminium alloy, the aluminium alloy in the aluminium container, and the packaging materials.

Make this check before ordering and before sending the product off.


Take the product back to your supplier for packaging.

After you receive your product from your supplier, it should be stored in the appropriate containers.

It may take a couple of weeks to receive the product, but if you make your supplier’s orders and receive your aluminium, you will be able to place orders for additional products that you would normally purchase.

If your aluminium is in a condition that you cannot use it, you can make a refund.


If you want to return the product for any reason, contact your supplier immediately.

You can make your refund request at any time, and they will not need to be able or willing to accept the product as it is. 9.

Be sure to use the right product and packaging.

The safest way to make a return is to have your product shipped directly to you, rather than to a supplier.

Make copies of the package and label.


Pack it safely.

You should store your aluminium in a sealed container and store it in a cool, dry place.

Avoid contact with air and make sure your aluminium container is secured securely.


Label the aluminium with the name and address of the company that is supplying the product or supplier.


If there is any risk of mould, you should contact your suppliers.

Make arrangements for shipping the product safely.

For more information, check out the Manufacturing, Packaging, and Packaging Standards Board (MPBSB) website.

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